Sales and Marketing concepts

Profitable perspective

  When it comes to increasing turnover, most companies look outside first – towards new products and new markets. But that usually involves a large investment and a high risk. It’s a well-known fact that looking inside your company is much more cost-efficient. What existing assets, customer base or market knowledge can we exploit to generate new income? Everyone knows it, but the fact is that most companies just don’t have the insight to make it happen.

Work with Comfinion and we guarantee you’ll get plenty of fresh ideas for generating profit. About half our time is spent on requests from customers and half on pitching our own ideas to new customers. So we always have plenty of creative experience to draw on.
  Profit from new markets or audiences
  Repackaging is the fastest and most economical way to generate new income. We can take a close look at your existing products, services and infrastructure and think about how we can rework them to appeal to new markets or audiences. The media sector has been effectively repackaging their content for years in order to maintain their relatively high margins. There are a lot of insider’s tricks from this industry that your company can profit from as well.
  Profit from existing customers   If you are competing in a saturated market with strong competition, your strongest competitive advantage lies in your existing customers. Comfinion develops a broad range of creative customer loyalty concepts that can strengthen and deepen your bond with your existing customer base. So they will buy from you first, last and always. Customer loyalty programs can also help you chip away at your competitor’s market share.
  Profit from marketing intelligence   Companies miss sales opportunities every day because they don’t know exactly what customers want. Comfinion develops concepts that capture your marketing intelligence and gets it where it needs to go. That opens the way for creative up-selling and cross-selling programs. And we have lots of ideas about how you can make all that happen.