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Persuasive results
  Comfinion offers specific media training and advice services for financial issues in cooperation with AD EM PRoducties. These services are useful for media and business presentations about financial topics or announcements, including meetings for investors, analysts and stockholders or interviews for television, radio and newspapers. The training services are mainly used by members of the board of management and board of supervisors, as well as internal and external financial spokespersons.

The trainers give participants thorough advice and practice so that they can present the most convincing presentations and interviews. In addition to general media topics, special emphasis is placed on avoiding the use of the so-called ‘negatives’ that interviewers frequently try to insert into conversation. The use of body language (the interviewer’s and your own) is also addressed.
  Training sessions   There are usually two or three training sessions in one day. Depending on the format, groups are generally limited to four or five participants so that we can provide focussed and individual training. We focus on the needs of each participant and aim to help them find their own style that works for them. In our experience, this is the most effective way to ensure that participants receive enough attention and opportunity to practice.

Most training sessions are given at or near the Media Park in Hilversum. A tour of the various studios at the Media Park is also included. Participants receive a handbook with a summary of the different modules and relevant articles. Before the training, they also receive a list of questions that the trainers can use to prepare a very tailored session. The trainer may also contact the participants beforehand for a short discussion. All training sessions are carried out in strict confidence.
Principal trainers   Comfinion
Expertise in financial markets and material is provided by Comfinion.

Henk Slotboom
He has over 20 years experience as a stock market analyst and adviser for the Dutch financial and media markets. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, inside and outside the Netherlands. Slotboom is a popular columnist for the leading Dutch financial news senders.

AD EM PRoducties
AD EM PRoducties is a well-known Dutch media and presentation training company that works with national and international companies. Several experienced trainers are available for training and advice. They have been providing professional media training for the last ten years.

Ad. M. Everaars
He has been a spokesperson for the NCRV public broadcasting company for over ten years. He has also been the Communication Manager of the RTL4 and RTL5 commercial broadcasting companies and the Holland Media Group.
Ferdinand Fransen
Editor and presenter of the TROS news and commentary program ‘2 Vandaag’.
Henk Mouwe
Presenter for Gelderland broadcasting.

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