About Comfinion   Henk Slotboom is the driving force behind Comfinion. He is one of the most prominent analysts for the Dutch financial and media markets. With over 20 years experience as a stock market analyst and adviser for large internationally-oriented professional investors, he is a frequent guest on radio and television, inside and outside the Netherlands. Slotboom is a popular columnist for the leading Dutch financial news stations.
  No cure. No Pay.   Comfinion approaches Ideas for Profit as a business partner. The company proposes complete concepts on a ‘pitch’ basis. If the idea is accepted, a fee will be charged for the concept and a contract will be negotiated that gives Comfinion a share in the profits realized. No hourly payment. No payment at all if the pitch misses the mark. This is a no risk proposition that benefits all parties involved.
  What’s in our name?   Comfinion stands for Commercial Finance Ion (the smallest unit of energy). And that’s exactly what Comfinion is...small, but full of creative energy. We work with companies from diverse sectors. Everything from sporting goods to consumer electronics. We’re constantly picking up smart ideas from one business and applying them to another. That’s the kind of ‘creative profiteering’ you can expect from Comfinion.