Skis4Life website online (15 Jan. 2005)

As of today, the website for Skis4Life is online. Skis4Life is a concept developed by Comfinion BV, FMG Ventures BV and Hans Seifert GesmbH & Co KG.

For more information, please revert to the Skis4Life website or click on "Cases" in the menu above.

This website is available in three languages: English, German and Dutch.


Comfinion and Jorcon jointly establish Brains2Concepts (1 Oct. 2003)

Today, Haarlem-based Jorcon B.V. and Comfinion B.V. from Wijk bij Duurstede have established a new jointly owned company, which will operate under the name of Brains2Concepts B.V. The cmpany will be actively engaged in the development of new marketing concepts. Brains2Concepts will be headquartered in Amsterdam. The shares of this company will be equally distributed over its two parent companies.
Jorcon B.V. is fully owned by Piet Jorritsma, who has his roots in the international pinting industry. Earlier this year, Mr. Jorritsma also established another company, PaperChainManagement. Comfinion B.V. is the main operating company of Henk Slotboom. Mr. Slotboom has been active as an investment analyst and advisor to large international institutional investors since 1983. Apart from that, Mr. Slotboom became widely known because of his frequent TV appearances and his work as a columnist.